Eli Sheldon


Eli Sheldon is a Massachusetts transplant who found his way to Seattle in 2011 after a stint at Olin College, where he picked up a mechanical engineering degree and a frightening addiction to filmmaking. Shirking both of these trades, he now works as a program manager at Microsoft. Eli latched onto working with children during a collaborative pre-school assignment in which he and his peers were tasked with matching brightly colored shapes to their respective wooden holes, and it's a passion he maintains to this day - the helping kids thing, not the shape thing. Eli traveled to Uganda with O2A in the summer of 2013 to film a short documentary, and after weeks of editing realized he was in it for the long run. Eli fills his free time by financially supporting local folk musicians who play a truly staggering number of concerts, marathoning dark melodramas into the wee hours of the morning, supplying an unsolicited soundtrack to his neighbors with his guitar, and by penning long-winded, erratic biographic briefs.

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