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Please check here for volunteer opportunities for Orphans to Ambassadors International:

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In Charlotte, NC or Seattle, WA this December?

Volunteer with our Holiday Gift-wrapping Fundraiser.

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You can join one of our volunteer teams in Charlotte and Seattle, or develop your own local event benefiting O2A. We will do whatever we can to make your volunteering a success. We know what it’s like to put yourself out there and ask for help but don’t be scared to get going, we’re here. We’ll send you posters, T-shirts, rap-sheets, banners and brochures to simplify your event. If you need something we don’t have, we’ll work as hard as we can to create it or build an alternative. As a non-profit, all funds benefit the orphanages we work with and our volunteers are essential.

A Minute to Help

Hours can Help too

  • Pick a night at a Bar and put out a Donation Jar
  • Make an Office Challenge for Donations (Carry a Jug of Water All-Day or give $5)
  • Throw a Yardsale with some friends
  • Sell our T-shirts and Stickers at a Festival

One Day and a Bit of Money

  • Host a high-school-style Carwash or Bakesale
  • Plan a Benefit Breakfast/Meal at your School or Office

A Week to Get Connected

  • Organize a Soccer/Poker/Halo Tournament for Donations
  • Find Teachers of Cooking/Dancing/Singing etc. to Host a Charity Class

Months to Gain Support

  • Start a Raffle or Auction
  • Sponsor a 5k Run
  • Create Your Own Event with Dancing, Music, Wine or Food from local businesses

* All of our international volunteers have made substantial time and money commitments to fund both their flights and technologies to foreign orphanages.  For those seriously interested in working with us, please Contact Jacob@orphanstoambassadors.org