Cheryl Click


Cheryl Click moved to Seattle in 2006 from Northwest Arkansas to expand her design sensibility and grow as a young architect.  It became clear to Cheryl, after a recent trip to Southeast Asia, that she wanted to be more involved with an organization that focused on helping underdeveloped countries.  Cheryl was intrigued with Orphans to Ambassador's ability to bring sustainable elements to remote orphanages around the world and clearly see the impact technology can bring to an entire community. With Cheryl’s background in architecture and design, she has a connection with buildings and sustainability. Cheryl enjoys working with O2A board members and watching the organization inspire others around the world.  Cheryl and her husband now reside in the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard and have fun running their own architecture firm. In her free time, she likes music, traveling, being outdoors, and hanging out with her husband and yellow lab. She hopes to join a team of volunteers on an O2A project in the near future.

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