Cameroon Orphanage Projects Complete!


The Harvest Home Orphanage projects in Fundong, Cameroon are complete!  The facility now has a large 3 room Chicken Coop and 100 chickens, a 4,000 liter Rainwater Harvesting System, and 2 high efficiency Rocket Stoves.


Here is our before picture of the chicken coop, the manager at the orphanage and the children cleared the site and laid the foundation before we arrived. They also made tons of awesome sun-dried blocks that we used to build the coop.


The chicken coop had three rooms, one for 50 meat chickens, or table birds as they say in Cameroon, one room for 50 layer fowl, egg chickens, and one room for storage.  We had the awesome privilege of purchasing the chickens, visiting the chicken farm where they came from, and of course, building the coop!  With lots of help.  Emma the manager was brilliant at construction, and it made the project easy as pie.  The kids were a great help as well, especially the older kids, they were awesome at construction and hard workers, they were an essential part of our team.


The coop will produce income by selling the eggs and the meat chickens,  this can help with school fees, food, or other things that the children need.  Some chickens and eggs can be fed to the children to improve their diets.



The 4,000 liter Rainwater Harvesting System consisted of four 1,000 liter tanks.  We installed rain gutters and connected the large storage tanks, to one of the orphanage buildings to collect and store rainwater.  We built reinforced rebar and concrete stands to elevate and support the tanks to create water pressure.



With this extra water supply coming from rainwater, collecting from the roof and gutters and storing in the tanks, the children and staff of the orphanage will be able to use this water to clean, do laundry, bathe, water plants, and a variety of other uses.  This will reduce the bill for their water pump, especially during the rainy season where they will be able to collect and utilize a lot of water that would otherwise fall to the ground and potentially cause erosion issues.  These tanks will even reduce waiting time experienced by children and staff waiting in line at the main water tap, because they will provide free on-site rainwater in their home's two high water use areas, beside the kitchen, and beside their bathing and laundry area.


We built these two high efficiency Rocket Stoves to accommodate the orphanages cooking needs, and to fit to the two pot sizes they use to cook  the children's meals every day.


These stoves will burn more efficiently than their previous stoves, and will save money on firewood, save time spent gathering, purchasing, or chopping firewood, and contribute less to deforestation.


These Rocket Stoves will also produce less smoke, creating healthier air for the children and staff to breathe, a healthier atmosphere, and cause less respiratory issues and pollution.

IMG_6588 (600px)

We were also able to do sustainability education lessons with the children at their nightly devotionals, discussing natural resources and what it means to be sustainable.  We even did a staff meeting with all of the staff as well.  We talked about each sustainable project and it's  purpose, and discussed responsibility and maintenance.  It was really cool to see the children already stepping in each day and keeping the chicken coop clean, making sure the chicks had clean water and plenty of food.  : )


IMG_2843I will be posting links to photo galleries with more photos very soon so check back for those!

We also will be posting some video footage on our youtube channel in the near future.

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Thank you so much for all of your support and for helping us to make these sustainable solutions a reality for this orphanage.