Bringing Rain Water Harvesting to Fair Earth Children's Village in Kasese, Uganda


We (Stephanie and Jacob) have been in Kasese, Uganda at the Fair Earth Children's Village for 3 days.  The children and staff are lovely and welcoming, and we have made a lot of progress on our rain water harvesting system installation!



The rainwater project consists of:

  • building two foundations for the water tanks,
  • putting up wooden boards on four roof lines to attach gutters to,
  • adding necessary gutter systems to these boards,
  • setting the two 2,000 liter tanks on the foundations,
  • connecting the gutters to the water tanks with pvc pipes and installing a fine net to catch debris before it reaches the water,
  • install locking water taps to get water from!(the locks are to secure the water system at all hours from theft).

So far:

  • both foundations are almost complete and will be finished today,
  • we are halfway finished with the wooden boards and will complete them today,
  • the gutters will be going up tomorrow


and by the weekend this facility will have a full 4,000 liter rain water harvesting system ready to use! Here are a few pictures for now, we have to get back to work!