Bricks & Dance Party! 5.11.12

Friday[May 11 2012] We went to a hotel this morning to use the internet and catch up on some important emails, we were kinda bummed because we had ordered bricks for the rocket stoves, but due to the rain they had not arrived a few days earlier when they were supposed to.  It has rained everyday  that we have been here, the rain doesn't last too long when it comes, but its enough to ruin the muddy roads for trucks trying to come through.  When we got back from the hotel, surprise! the truck of bricks was here.  It was stuck in the mud at the entrance to the school.  The headmistress sent us a lot of help to get the bricks unloaded and across campus.

We ate lunch and as soon as we were finished the second truck arrived!

We teamed up with some local masons to start building a foundation for the coop!

We got a surprise that night, we were just wrapping up the workday when loud music broke out and we realized we were in the midst of a dance party.  The girls circled around us and invited us to dance with them.  Friday nights are their free nights to dance and hangout and we had so much fun dancing and bonding with the girls, cutting loose and acting like kids after a long hard workday!  We actually had planned to head to a local hotel to celebrate Nate's birthday but we realized the party had already come to us.Check out these pictures of what our day looked like.[gallery columns="4" orderby="post_date"]