"Orphans to Ambassadors provides disadvantaged and orphaned children the opportunity to rise out of poverty with sustainable education and practices.  The skills, knowledge, and abilities that come from developing their own long-term resource solutions empower children and allow them to become ambassadors of goodwill and sustainability to other children and communities around the world" - Jake Gentry, Founder

Orphans to Ambassadors will operate in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, the Americas and Eastern Europe.  However, any area heavily impacted by refugee populations will be evaluated for operations by our organization.  Orphans to Ambassadors is a secular organization that does not encourage or discourage any one faith or spiritual preference.  We encourage our students to seek their own spiritual happiness regardless of cultural or native influences.  Our guiding principle is that our students should take care of each other, embrace cultural differences, and be the change they wish to see in the world.